At Elevate Church we know that 'When God Is Elevated, Lives Change' At Elevate Church. We Care! If you purchase one of our Elevate Cares series shirts , 100% (that is right, every penny) of the profit will go directly back to the Outreach Teams at Elevate Church. 

Additionally, all purchases on this page, even ones not in the elevate cares series, will still send 10% of the profit to the Elevate Cares fund.

How your purchase could make an impact

  • Providing food for families
  • Financial assistance to families in need
  • Funding mission work in the community
  • (more thoughts on this, I am sure the group wanting to start this up will have some more ideas on what the money could be used for, and Jermaine as well)

(include Elevate Cares logo somewhere on this)

Join us as we continue to be active within our church and within our community!


(end rough draft)